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This year, take a moment to remember that love is still in the air. Valentine’s Day has historically been associated with the heart—from ancient times, people believed that feelings such as love, luck, anger or fear were held in the heart. Later, it was thought that only love resided in the heart.

So now, on this special day, the heart stands for a powerful emotion – Love.

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valentine day gif download

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your special someone! This day serves as a reminder to appreciate the love you share with others. After all, there’s no greater feeling than love.

And what could symbolize that emotion better than a rose – the most-loved flower of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love? As we are reminded each February 14th, red is the color of strong affection and adoration. No wonder red roses serve as beautiful symbols of love.

We hope you have a wonderful celebration this Valentine’s Day.

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