Wedding photos keep the memory of the most important day - the day of the creation of a new family

Photo wedding album is a great wedding anniversary gift


gallery № 20

PRICE $ 25

30 photos/videos, 1 text

gallery № 32

PRICE $ 25

41 photos/videos, 1 text

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PRICE $ 20

15 photos/videos

gallery № 49

PRICE $ 25

11 photos/videos, 19 TEXTs

gallery № 52

PRICE $ 25

15 photos/videos, 12 texts

gallery № 60

PRICE $ 35

17 photos/videos, 8 texts

gallery № 63

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31 photos/videos, 1 text

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11 photos/videos, 1 text

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PRICE $ 25

11 photos/videos, 20 texts

We can add any of
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What You Gain –

  • 1080p HD Animation.
  • Final video format in .mp4
  • Background Sound Included
  • 72hrs Or less Delivery.
  • Superb Quality and Colors

Before payment, we send the customer a sample video with his text/photos/music and our logo. If the client is satisfied with everything, he pays, and we send a video without a logo. Be assured that our work is clean and transparent

Wedding is a joyful and happy celebration in a person’s life. The newlyweds have been waiting for it for a long time, preparing for marriage for months. You are very worried, because you really want this event to be perfect. And this day has come. The newlyweds are dressed in beautiful outfits, the guests are glowing with happiness and fun. You finally become husband and wife, accept greetings from relatives and friends. Then you celebrate in a luxurious restaurant, sing and dance. 

After the wedding emotions subsided. Of course, you want to remember every moment of this beautiful day. You fancy remembering a stunning wedding feast, and a long entertainment program. But, unfortunately, human memory is limited, and even the brightest moments are forgotten over the years. And this is completely normal, because this is how the human brain is structured.

Fortunately, modern technologies are developing, and more and more new opportunities are emerging. The newlyweds hire a professional wedding photographer who captures all interesting moments on camera and takes wedding photography. After a while, you will receive a folder with high-quality processed wedding photos. But what to do next with this pile of pictures? How to assemble them into one whole, how to create a virtual history of the birth of a new family?

We have a solution! We recommend contacting Studiovideo HD – which will create a wedding photo gallery for you.

Why should you order a photo gallery?

  1. Wedding photo galleries are a small box of precious memories of one of the happiest days in a person’s life. It keeps all the exciting moments of the pre-wedding fuss, a marriage ceremony, smiles and tears of joy of relatives and friends, sincere congratulations, celebrations in a restaurant. Until recently, all photos were stored in a paper image album. But the world of digital technology has made adjustments. You won’t surprise anyone with traditional photo books. It is not fashionable, not stylish and boring. Everybody would like to have some kind of zest, something special and interesting. Wedding album photos is the perfect solution for the beautiful decoration of marriage illustrations. This is an unusual way to remember a special day, to review, and relive those emotions of love and happiness. 
  2. High level of security. Compared to traditional paper albums,  photo albums for weddings made by Studiovideo HD are a more secure option for storing wedding photos. Just imagine the situation. You are looking at an album and drinking tea at the same time. And then by chance a tea drop falls on a sheet of paper. As a result, you get a yellow spot that cannot be removed in any way. After such an incident, the mood is bad, you do not want to watch the album, and show it to your friends. Or another situation: you move to another apartment. And in the confusion you forget that there is a photo album in a small box. As a result, you lose all your memories.

Weddings photo albums are a more reliable option because they are stored in the memory of your phone, computer or laptop. “What happens if I accidentally delete it?” – you ask. There are three options for solving this problem:

  • most phones have a built-in feature to store deleted photo for wedding/videos in the trash. You can restore it during a certain period of time;
  • if you have previously sent someone a video, ask them to send it to you;
  • search by e-mail (if you order in Studiovideo HD, we send the finished work to the customer’s mail).

Thus, we can conclude that the photo weddings arranged in the albums photo wedding are under a stronger protection system. Your valuable memories will not be erased or lost!

  1. There are various unforeseen circumstances in life. Sometimes relatives or friends cannot come to the wedding. Perhaps they live far away. Maybe they are sick or not feeling well. You cannot show traditional paper photo albums at a distance, only the physical presence of a person is necessary. This is the main disadvantage. Conversely, you can send online photo galleries to anyone in a matter of seconds. Just find the file on your phone and send it to the right contact.
  2. Beautiful decoration. Experts carefully consider what effects to use, how to harmoniously place all the images when they create a marriage book. You can also supplement the photo gallery with your favorite music that sounded at the wedding. So you will create the illusion of a virtual marriage, relive this day, enjoy the holiday and pleasant emotions.
  3. Albums photo wedding can contain not only images, but also short videos. It looks interesting, original and modern. A paper photo album excludes this possibility, there can only be photographs.

Why should you choose Studiovideo HD?

  1. High quality work. We make a video with pictures in the highest HD quality. Your images and videos will be clear and colorful. Our team of specialists knows how to correctly select filters and effects, use the right design and harmoniously place all illustrations. Professionals create photo galleries using modern technologies, have good knowledge in video editing and extensive experience.
  2. Wide range of templates. The catalog contains a huge selection of various photobook templates. You will definitely be able to choose what you like. 
  3. The uniqueness of each photo gallery. Send us your photos/videos, music and text. We know how to arrange all this into a beautiful photo gallery and personalize the work.We also promise that your photos for weddings are confidential. So we will not distribute them without your consent.
  4. Performance of work within the period agreed with the customer. We meet all deadlines. We appreciate the reputation of our company. Therefore, we value each client, put all our energy into work and make it quickly and efficiently. 
  5. Absence of competitors. We do not have full-fledged competitors. We create quality videos from your photos/videos with your music and text. Of course, you can see many video creators on the Internet, but they are all of poor quality.
  6. Reliability and transparency. We do not require advance payment for the order. Initially, we discuss with the customer what he wants, look at his photo wedding, music and text. Next, we create a photo gallery and send it to the client for verification with our logo. If he likes everything, he sends us money, and we give him a video without a logo.
  7. Nice wedding album cost. Since we have no competitors, we have no one to compete with. Therefore, our prices are reasonable. We are sure that buying a photo gallery compared to the paper version is very profitable.

By ordering wedding album photos from us, you will receive high-quality work in a short time. You must only choose your favorite template and send us the template number, pictures or videos, text.

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