Baby Photo Album

Baby photo album is for those who want to keep in memory all the moments associated with the birth and growing up of a child. They can be dedicated to various events in the life of a child: his birth, the first step, the first word

Baby's photo album can be supplemented with the desired photos and videos, music and text

Children's Photo Album

babyalbum № 88

PRICE $ 45

8 photos/videos, 22 texts

children photo album

babyalbum № 89

PRICE $ 45

7 photos/videos, 8 texts

children photo albums

babyalbum № 1

PRICE $ 40

15 photos/videos

photo album for children

babyalbum № 2

PRICE $ 55

56 photos/videos, 20 texts

photo album children

babyalbum № 3

PRICE $ 30

13 photos/videos

children's photo albums

babyalbum № 4

PRICE $ 45

45 photos/videos, 48 texts

photo albums for children

babyalbum № 5

PRICE $ 40

10 photos /videos, 13 texts

all my children photo album

babyalbum № 6

PRICE $ 45

12 photos /videos, 4 texts

photo baby albums

babyalbum № 7

PRICE $ 40

26 photos /videos, 9 texts

photo baby album

babyalbum № 8

PRICE $ 40

15 photos /videos, 15 texts

babies photos albums

babyalbum № 9

PRICE $ 45

46 photos /videos, 20 texts

babies photo albums

babyalbum № 10

PRICE $ 40

16 photos /videos, 8 texts

baby album photo

babyalbum № 11

PRICE $ 55

30 photos /videos, 61 texts

baby album photos

babyalbum № 12

PRICE $ 45

16 photos /videos, 19 texts

albums for baby photos

babyalbum № 14

PRICE $ 35

16 photos /videos, 2 texts

baby photos album

babyalbum № 17

PRICE $ 45

16 photos /videos, 32 texts

baby photo albums

babyalbum № 18

PRICE $ 36

21 photos /videos, 2 texts

photo albums babies

babyalbum № 26

PRICE $ 55

21 photos /videos, 9 texts

baby's photo album

babyalbum № 19

PRICE $ 45

10 photos /videos, 24 texts

photo albums for baby boy

babyalbum № 20

PRICE $ 60

26 photos /videos, 6 texts

photo albums for baby girls

babyalbum № 21

PRICE $ 35

5 photos /videos, 7 texts

album for baby photos

babyalbum № 22

PRICE $ 35

7 photos /videos, 1 texts

baby's first year photo album

babyalbum № 23

PRICE $ 35

12 photos /videos, 7 texts

photo album for baby's first year

babyalbum № 24

PRICE $ 45

14 photos /videos, 18 texts

baby first year photo album

babyalbum № 27

PRICE $ 45

11 photos /videos, 16 texts

baby photo album first year

babyalbum № 28

PRICE $ 45

30 photos /videos, 3 texts

first year baby photo album

babyalbum № 30

PRICE $ 45

12 photos /videos, 13 texts

first year baby photo albums

babyalbum № 31

PRICE $ 45

10 photos /videos, 14 texts

baby boy photo album

babyalbum № 33

PRICE $ 45

13 photos /videos, 13 texts

baby boy photo albums

babyalbum № 35

PRICE $ 50

33 photos /videos, 35 texts

baby boy first year photo album

babyalbum № 38

PRICE $ 40

6 photos /videos, 6 texts

baby boy first year photo albums

babyalbum № 34

PRICE $ 55

16 photos /videos, 4 texts

traditional baby photo album

babyalbum № 40

PRICE $ 65

87 photos /videos, 7 texts

personalised baby photo album

babyalbum № 41

PRICE $ 35

5 photos /videos, 1 texts

photo album kids

babyalbum № 42

PRICE $ 45

10 photos /videos, 0 texts

photo album baby

babyalbum № 43

PRICE $ 45

18 photos /videos, 22 texts

photo albums baby

babyalbum № 39

PRICE $ 35

7 photos /videos, 9 texts

my baby photo album

babyalbum № 45

PRICE $ 35

8 photos /videos, 11 texts

Family Baby Photo Album

babyalbum № 48

PRICE $ 45

16 photos /videos, 2 texts

photo album for kids

babyalbum № 49

PRICE $ 35

11 photos /videos, 1 texts

photo album picture for kids

babyalbum № 50

PRICE $ 70

16 photos /videos, 18 texts

kids photo album

babyalbum № 51

PRICE $ 45

20 photos /videos, 3 texts

kids photo albums

babyalbum № 52

PRICE $ 45

8 photos /videos, 28 texts

photo album of baby

babyalbum № 59

PRICE $ 45

16 photos /videos, 2 texts

Album Baby Photo

babyalbum № 56

PRICE $ 55

147 photos /videos, 0 texts

album baby photos

babyalbum № 60

PRICE $ 45

17 photos /videos, 18 texts

albums baby photo

babyalbum № 32

PRICE $ 45

20 photos /videos, 28 texts

photo album for my baby

babyalbum № 65

PRICE $ 65

8 photos /videos, 16 texts

We can add any of
your music to the video

Babies photos albums are an original and fun way to store baby photos and videos. They are practical, easy to view and beautifully designed. A team of professionals is able to make a high-quality video album quickly

The text can be written in any languages

  1. It looks modern and stylish. The era of modern digital technologies is actively replacing paper materials. Today it is difficult to imagine a person who does not have a telephone. 
  2. More secure storage. Paper photo albums can get lost in the house, accidentally thrown away or dirty. The video album will always be in the phone’s memory. And even if you accidentally delete it, many phones have a recycle bin that stores deleted files. Also remember to transfer all photos and videos when you buy a new phone if there is no sync feature.
  3. The opportunity to show family and friends who live thousands of miles away from you. Sending a video album by e-mail or through a social network is a matter of 5 seconds. And even if your relatives or friends live on another continent, you can do it without any problems. We are sure they will be happy to see the baby growing up, to experience the emotions that you experience when viewing photos and videos of your children. Unlike video albums, printed photo albums cannot be sent. The person must be physically near you to view the photo album.
  4. A video album can contain not only images, but also short videos. It looks interesting, original and modern. A paper photo album excludes this possibility, there can only be photographs.
  5. Ability to add music. To create a pleasant atmosphere while watching, the video can be supplemented with calm music. Of course, there are music photo albums, but they are not as practical as video albums.
  6. You can create themed video albums. For example, a video album dedicated to the birth of a child, the first year of life, the first birthday, the first step, and so on.
  1. The high-quality work. All video albums are made in the best HD quality. We promise you that there is no place for blurry images and photos – everything will be clear! Studiovideo HD uses powerful computers and computer programs which help us to create fantastic albums. They allow our specialists to use fantastic effects for the video. After this, the video transforms and animates.
  2. Professional team. Our highly qualified employees have great skills in the field of video editing and extensive experience. Specialists have already created a greater number of works and received positive feedback from clients.
  3. We meet all deadlines. We value each client, put all our energy into work and make baby photos albums quickly and efficiently.
  4. Wide range of works. Our catalogs are large. Each category is filled with our works. We have a huge experience and a wide selection of templates. With us you will definitely find what you want.
  5. Order personalization. You can send us music, photos/videos, texts. We will form all this into a beautiful baby photo album.
  6. Nobody can see your children’s photos and videos.
  7. Absence of competitors. We don’t have competitors. Of course, there are special apps that are universal for everyone, but they are of low quality. 
  1. Storage of memories. The birth of a child is the most important event in the life of every parent. We are preparing for the birth of a baby, we are in a pleasant expectation of meeting with a baby for nine months, we are worried. We want to keep every moment, every event that is connected with our child. Even before the birth, many couples organize photo shoots with the baby in the tummy, take monthly pictures to observe his growth and development. When he starts to move, the moms make videos and take pictures.

Fortunately, in today’s digital age, almost everyone has a phone equipped with a camera. Every moment can be captured in just a few seconds. However, after the question arises, how to arrange all the photos beautifully, how to put them all together? Studiovideo HD knows the solution: order a video album of baby photos and videos.

  1. The ability to free up memory on the phone. In your gadget, in any way, there are many different photos and videos of the child. And here on the phone screen you see the message: “Memory is full”. You start to panic, you can no longer take photos and do not know how to get out of this situation. We propose you calm down, sit down and view the photos. Delete “bad” photos, leave only those that you like. Send us these images and videos and we’ll turn it into a beautiful video album.
  2. Ease of storage. When everything is stored in one place, there is no chaos and disorder. And this applies not only to photographs. If the clothes in your house are in one place, you do not have to run around the room and look for what you need. Likewise with photographs. There are a lot of them on the phone, but there is no single storage space. An excellent solution is to sort photos, choose the best and most beautiful ones. We understand that this requires time and effort. However, this has its advantages: you will refresh the memory of the moments of growing up of your child, relive those emotions and feelings that you experienced in the past. And, of course, get the desired result – digitally sorted photos that can be arranged into a beautiful video album.
  3. The opportunity to show family and friends. Storing photos in one place – in the format of a beautiful video album will allow you to quickly show them to friends and family. You do not need to search for your favorite photos in a crowded gallery, spend time on this. Starting watching the video will save time.

Photos are not just images of any person or object. This is one of the methods to capture the good moments in life, to keep the memory of them, to return to the past. Usually people take photos of the events that are important to them personally. In the future, they will enjoy watching, re-experiencing emotions and feeling slight nostalgia.

For parents, the most important event is the birth of their most valuable creation – a child. He grows up so fast. Sometimes you don’t understand why time flies so quickly. It seems that only yesterday he was born in a complete misunderstanding of this world, and today he took his first step, said the first word, went to kindergarten. You thought that he would be a baby all the time, but no. The baby grows, and with it the memories. How to keep in memory all the moments of growing up and childhood of the main little man in our life? How to keep them and not forget the details? Fortunately, there is a solution: photographs are the perfect repository of memories. We recommend you to contact Studiovideo HD for help. The main activity of the studio is the creation of high-quality exclusive and original video albums with photos/videos, including albums for baby photos.        

By ordering a video album from us, you will receive high-quality work in a short period of time. You must only choose your favorite template and send us the template number, photos or videos, text.

Baby album photos you can show friends and relatives who live far away from you

Just send them via email or social media. We are sure that they will be pleased to become a part of your life and your child

Albums for baby photos are a good idea for those who want to remember a child's childhood in detail

photo baby albums

Human memory cannot store all the memories for a lifetime.

The video album has this feature, so take advantage of it

Photo albums babies have a luxurious design, musical accompaniment and a harmonious arrangement of photos / videos

baby's first year photo album

Our team of professionals will do the job quickly and efficiently

Photo baby albums are an ideal way for parents to capture all the most important events in a child's life

In a few years, it will be very pleasant to review video albums and remember how small the children were and how quickly they grew up

Photo album for children looks modern and stylish

photo albums for baby boy

The era of digital technologies is rapidly developing and paper materials have become unpopular

With modern programs, you can create fantastic video albums that are pleasing to the eye and give positive emotions

Children photo album will keep all your important photos in one place

You don’t have to search on your phone for a long time. Just order a video album and you will save a lot of effort and time

Photo baby album Studiovideo HD can do it inexpensively and efficiently

baby photos album

We value each client, therefore we carry out all orders in a predetermined term with the customer

Contact us and we will make a cool video album for you

Baby photo albums are the right way to store baby photos and have many benefits

Practicality, uniqueness, reliability and exclusive design – these are just some of the features of the video album

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