wedding photo albums

Marriage photo album will allow spouses to plunge into the happy day again and again

The text can be written in any languages
wedding album

wedding album № 39_f_g

PRICE $ 45

17 photos, 2 texts

wedding albums

wedding album № 45_f_g

PRICE $ 60

113 photos, 23 texts

albums for wedding

wedding album № 62_f_g

PRICE $ 45

18 photos, 17 texts

wedding photo book

wedding album № 2

PRICE $ 45

22 photos, 9 texts

photo albums for weddings

wedding album № 8

PRICE $ 50

30 photos, 30 texts

photo albums for wedding

wedding album № 9


13 photos, 24 texts

photo album for wedding

wedding album № 11

PRICE $ 50

15 photos, 24 texts

wedding albums for photos

wedding album № 12


10 photos, 12 texts

wedding album for photos

wedding album № 15

PRICE $ 50

20 photos, 19 texts

order wedding album

wedding album № 17


17 photos, 11 texts

order wedding albums

wedding album № 32

PRICE $ 50

20 photos, 2 texts

wedding album price

wedding album № 33


10 photos, 20 texts

marriage photo album

wedding album № 03

PRICE $ 75

48 photos, 48 texts

weddings album

wedding album № 19


8 photos, 15 texts

We can add any of
your music to the video

Our Studio

The team of our studio consists of specialists who love their work. We constantly introduce new video production and editing technologies: video galleries of photos and video inserts, photo animation, musical accompaniment, appropriate subtitles, colorful transitions, and professional design. Our videos are not just a series of pictures but a real small film! And you don’t need to come up with texts, scripts, and concepts – we do it for you!

We know how to make a good video!

  1. The original way to save photos. The era of digital technologies dictates new rules that apply to absolutely all areas of human life. This also applies to photo albums. You will not surprise anyone with traditional collections of photographs. It is not fashionable, not stylish and not modern. Unique wedding album is the trend of the modern world. If you want to keep up with the times, look for a wedding album maker online.
  2. Agree, buying a wedding photo book for each relative and friend is a procedure that costs a lot of money and time. But Studiovideo HD is sure that both relatives and friends will be very happy to receive such a lovely gift. You are very important and valuable people, and your life is also interesting, so it is easier and better to buy You can send this album to anyone with whom you want to share a piece of happiness, via email or social networks. It will only take a few seconds of your time and you won’t spend money on sending! 

There are also situations when relatives or friends live far away from you and cannot come to the wedding. Or maybe they have other difficulties. In this case, an online wedding album is the ideal solution. Let them feel like a participant in a wonderful and joyful event!

  1. Long-term safe storage of the wedding photo book. Imagine a situation. You are looking at photographs in a paper photo album over a cup of tea. Everything is good, great atmosphere, good memories. And then, you accidentally spill tea on photo albums for weddings. Photos are colored yellow. The photo album is damaged, now no one wants to even look at it and show it to anyone. With a wedding album in video format, this situation will not happen. The video will be stored in your phone’s memory. And here the question may arise: “What if I accidentally delete it or buy a new phone and forget to transfer the files?”. In this case, there are three options for solving the problem:
  • restore luxury wedding albums in the trash of your mobile device;
  • find marriage album by email (the Studiovideo HD team sends ready-made videos to the mail);
  • ask to send the person to whom you previously sent the photo album.

Thus, we can make a logical conclusion that there are more chances to restore a wedding photo album.

  1. Favorite musical accompaniment. Favorite music while viewing photos makes the atmosphere special and interesting. You can buy a wedding video album from Studiovideo HD. 
  1. High quality and beautiful design. Specialists have deep knowledge in the field of video editing. They know what instruments and programs to use for applying fantastic effects and make a wedding album look amazing.
  2. Affordable price. Wedding album cost is favorable and reasonable. You will be surprised by this.
  3. Execution speed. We complete album weddings within the time agreed with the customer. We value every client and meet all deadlines.
  4. Reliability and guarantee. You pay for weddings photo album after the preview. First, we send a video with the logo. You check, say whether you like it or not. If you like it – throw off the money, and our specialists will give you a video without a logo. If there are any comments – we will finalize.
  5. Absence of competitors. We did not find those who make a wedding album. Of course, there are special applications with which you can create it from a wedding photo, but they have very poor image quality. We believe that a marriage is a grand celebration of high quality, so memories should not be smeared.
  6. Wide catalog of works. You can choose a photobook wedding album template on the company’s website. They differ in design, each is interesting and unique in its own way.
  7. Catalog updated regularly. Studiovideo HD specialists work hard to create high-quality templates and let you choose what you like. We use different effects, so you will definitely find yours.

Multilingual. Send the text that you would like to see in the video, in any language. Also describe emotions and feelings, funny or cute moments that happened at the wedding, express your concerns

You can get marriage photo album in a few steps:

  1. Browse the catalog and select the favorite template.
  2. Send the template number, wedding photo and video, text you want to see in it.
  3. Wait for order confirmation. We try to answer as quickly as possible.

Just three steps, and a photobook wedding album is in the process of being created!

We add new video every week

A wedding is the birthday of a new family. It is preceded by several months of preparation, worries and experiences. After all, you want to make this day perfect and memorable! And now this day has arrived! Excited newlyweds in beautiful clothes, happy parents, relatives and close friends. You gather in the marriage registration hall together, finally become husband and wife, celebrate in a wonderful restaurant, dance and sing. Emotions overwhelm, the atmosphere of happiness and joy fills the space. Obviously, you want to remember this special event in detail all your life. But, unfortunately, human memory is limited and you will not be able to keep the minutiae of everything that happened in life, even if it was a very important event. Over time, some moments are forgotten, and this is completely normal. Therefore, the ideal option would be to order a wedding album. It will become the repository of your love, the symbol of your happiness. Studiovideo HD is ready to help you create an album for weddings in a video format that will be original, high quality and practical.

What do you get by ordering a video album wedding from us?

As a result, we promise to make you a ready-made colorful online wedding album in HD quality video format. Beautiful design, musical accompaniment, harmonious arrangement of images, photos, videos and texts – all this for a low price and fast execution speed.

Why choose Studiovideo-Hd?

Reliability and confidence that the work will be done efficiently and on time. Before payment, we send the customer a sample video with his text/photos/music and our logo. If the client is satisfied with everything, he pays, and we send a video without a logo. Be assured that our work is clean and transparent

Wedding album is a repository of love and happy memories.

albums for wedding

He will save every moment of this beautiful day and every touching moment of uniting two hearts into one

Order an unusual photo album from Studiovideo - HD

Wedding photo album from Studiovideo HD is a unique gift that you can give yourself, your parents and friends. It looks modern, stylish and trendy

wedding photo book

Don’t believe it?

Order and see for yourself!

Wedding photo book is a small jewelry box that contains the most important memories of one of the happiest days in a person's life

Studiovideo – HD makes albums inexpensively, with high quality and in a timely manner

Wedding photos will definitely remain after a fun celebration

photo album for wedding

They will capture every moment when you are truly happy

We recommend you beautifully arrange all the photos in one original photo album

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