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Why do we recommend ordering photo albums for weddings Β in video format ?

  • The original way to save photos. The era of digital technologies dictates new rules that apply to absolutely all areas of human life. This also applies to photo albums. You will not surprise anyone with traditional collections of photographs. It is not fashionable, not stylish and not modern. Original wedding photo albums are the trend of the modern world. If you want to keep up with the times, order a photo album .
  • Agree, buying a photo album for each relative and friend is a procedure that costs a lot of money and time. Certainly you can save this event only for you. But we are sure that both relatives and friends will be very happy to receive such a lovely gift. You are very important and valuable people, and your life is also interesting for them. Therefore, it is easier and better to order a wedding photo album online. You can send this album to anyone with whom you want to share a piece of happiness, via email or social networks. It will only take a few seconds of your time. You won’t spend money on sending!

There are also situations when relatives or friends live far away from you and cannot come to the wedding. Or maybe they have other difficulties. In this case, ordering a wedding album is the ideal solution. Let them feel like a participant in a wonderful and joyful event!

  • Long-term safe storage of the wedding photo book. Imagine a situation. You are looking at photographs in a paper photo album over a cup of tea. Everything is good, great atmosphere, good memories. And then, you accidentally spill tea on photo albums for weddings. Photos are colored yellow. The photo album is damaged, now no one wants to even look at it and show it to anyone. With a wedding album in video format, this situation will not happen. The video will be stored in your phone’s memory. And here the question may arise: β€œWhat if I accidentally delete it or buy a new phone and forget to transfer the files?”. In this case, there are three options for solving the problem:
  • you can restore unique wedding album in the trash of your mobile device;
  • you can find music wedding photo album by email (the Studiovideo HD team sends ready-made videos to the mail);
  • ask to send the person to whom you previously sent the photo album.

Thus, we can make a logical conclusion that there are more chances to restore a wedding video album.

  • Favorite musical accompaniment. Favorite music while viewing photos makes the atmosphere special and interesting. You can buy a wedding video album with music from Studiovideo-HD.