$ 2,0



Why do we recommend ordering our merry Christmas desktop wallpaper ?

  1. The uniqueness and originality of our products. All of our cards are unique because we create them from our animated Christmas wishes videos.
  2. Fast and easy loading. To quickly download our postcards, we use the webp format. Therefore, if you want to set a postcard as desktop wallpaper, you may need to convert to png format. There are many free online converters for this.
  3. Token fee. Downloading postcards from us used to be free. Now we have introduced a symbolic fee – $ 2.0 for the maintenance and development of our project. Every year we remake postcards indicating a new date of the year. We don’t have postcards that don’t have a real date for the coming year.

Universal use. Our postcards can be used as greeting pictures and merry Christmas desktop wallpaper that will reflect the mood and atmosphere of the holiday. You can use congratulatory videos to congratulate your relatives and friends. We are sure that they will be pleased to receive such a gift from you.

On our website for the new year 2023, you can download beautiful electronic New Year cards with congratulations and good wishes for a merry and magical New Year, with the upcoming holiday in rhyme and prose, with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, a snowman and a bear, a child and a hare, a Christmas tree, copyright stylish and colour, black and white large and mini images, mittens and houses, cute photos with animals and birds, for friends, best friend, serious and comic illustrations for beloved mother, daughter and son, grandmother, girlfriend, boy and girl, man and woman.

Cool pictures of Happy New Year are more and more pleasing and bring the long-awaited holiday closer. Fireworks, champagne and many beautiful congratulations in the form of our New Year’s cards. The new year 2023 will undoubtedly be better, let’s enjoy new events and achievements together!