Baby Photo Album

we will make for you a unique VIRTUAL Baby Photo/video Album

children's photo album of the most important moments of your child's life

We add new videos every week


Baby Photo Album

babyalbum № 1

PRICE $ 30

15 photos/videos

Baby Photo Album

babyalbum № 2

PRICE $ 45

56 photos/videos, 20 texts

We can add any of
your music to the video

What You Gain –

  • Full HD (1920×1080) Animation.
  • Final video format in .mp4
  • Background Sound Included
  • 72hrs Or less Delivery.
  • Superb Quality and Colors

Text in your virtual baby photo album can be in any language

We add a new video every week

A virtual baby photo album, covering the best moments of growing up, will turn into a desired leisure item for the family. It will be watched by several generations. Remember and enjoy the best moments of life spent with the baby

Payment only after agreeing with us your text

If you want a video like this, you just need to send video number, your text and photos. After the payment has been made and the greeting text and photos have been sent, we will send you your videos from to your email so you can download them. Videos will be delivered in MP4 format within a maximum of 3 business days from the date of video purchase.

Purchased videos are non-refundable

Video album for children 

self-respecting parent knows how important photos of their children are.
Practice shows that very often the pictures get lost, worn out or just get
dirty. You cannot be immune to this. What should you do in this case?

Buy a
children’s video album. It is a great option which will help you keep precious
memories forever.

Baby video
albums are a popular practice in our modern world. Nowadays, more and more
people are giving their preference to digitize photos. In this case, you will
get not just an album, but your own text that you can add at your discretion.

Children’s photo albums you can order on our
website –

consider this topic in more detail.

Why do you
need a children’s photo album?

1. it is
practical. You will never lose a baby photo album because it will be digitized.
You will be able to save it at once on all devices or on a flash drive. So, no
matter what happens, the memories of your kids will always remain with you.

2. it’s beautiful
and stylish. Down with the last century. In our modern times, you will have
memories with photos of your children in the form of a digital album, which you
can easily show to relatives or acquaintances. And you don’t have to go
anywhere for this, you can send it by mail or messenger.

 3. it’s not
expensive. If you think that a photo album of children will cost you a lot,
you’re wrong, because it actually costs like a few mugs of coffee in Starbucks.
Don’t believe me? Go to the category children photo albums on our website and
see for yourself.

practice, the album ordered in the printing will cost you many times more
expensive, because you will have to pay a lot of additional services, for
example the cost of printing photos, buying a cover, buying an album, etc.

Children’s photo albums are an opportunity to preserve memories for future
generations. Imagine a world in 50 years, people will probably stop using
classic printed photos and albums. But digital baby albums will probably still
be relevant at that time. That means you’ll keep a memory for future
generations, where your children or grandchildren can look at pictures of their
moms or dads.

5. it’s
easy. Do you think it’s complicated and time-consuming to create such an album?
There is some truth to that. To create such templates, our team of
professionals needed to spend a lot of time and effort so that we could provide
you with the highest quality product. As a result, we have templates for all
tastes, one of which you will definitely like. All you have to do is add your
photos and text, and then it’s up to us.

We will now
answer popular questions that our clients often ask us:

 Can I add any photos of my child to a photo

Yes, of course. You can choose the best photos you see fit, and we will add
them to the baby photo albums.

 Can I order a custom photo album for my baby?

Answer: If
you have an original idea and want to put it into practice. Then you can write
to us in a personal message on the phone number listed on the site. After that
we will discuss it with you. Most likely we can realize your idea individually
for you at extra cost.

 Is the video quality HD?

Yes, our children’s albums video quality is HD or even better, it all depends
on your wishes in this regard.

 How long should I wait for the result after

Answer: You
can get your video within one day, during busy periods it may take a little

 Can I order a children’s photo album as a gift?

Answer: Of
course, you can buy a scrapbook photo as a gift for your loved ones. This gift
will surely be remembered by your relatives and friends, and they will be very
grateful to you. Baby album photo album is a beautiful and modern gift that will
not leave anyone indifferent.

conclusion we would like to tell you that if you have decided to buy on our
web-site photo album for kids it is the right decision. Our team of
professionals offers you a wide range of video products for all tastes (holidays,
invitations, and congratulations). We appreciate each client, which is why you
can count on high-quality work. You will also be pleased with the pleasant cost
of the work, not high, which will have a positive impact on your finances.

 If you are
still undecided, we suggest you contact us and consult. We are happy to help
you choose the best option.

 How to
contact us? In fact, everything is very simple. First, go to the contact
section. There you can find a working phone number, use an actual messenger and
write, and you can also use the mail to ask a question.



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