happy valentines day images gif

Happy Valentines day images gif ❤️ Find the perfect happy Valentine's Day animated images to show your love and affection. Show someone special how much you care with a beautiful animated card or ecard. Our collection of funny and heartwarming images will make sure your Valentine's Day is full of

Celebrate Valentines Day with these Happy Valentine animated Images ❤️ Happy Valentines day images gif


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Did you know that throughout history the heart was believed to be a symbol of love? Simply touching your partner’s rib cage and saying, “I love you” was considered a wedding pledge.

Or, if the heart moved up into the throat and out of the mouth during emotions such as sadness or fear, it was said to signify warning someone ‘not to get too close’. Yet over time, people began to believe that releasing one’s feelings were limited for just holding love within one person’s heart.

Today we commemorate valentine’s day with every feeling we can summon from our hearts and I hope you receive whatever messages you’re imagining today. Kindly enjoy yourself no matter who might be your favorite romantic interest this valentine season!

happy valentines day images gif

Did you know that the Red Rose is the flower of love? That’s why it’s the perfect flower to celebrate Valentine’s Day and show your loved one how special they are to you.

Red roses are the favorite flower of Venus, the goddess of love. Red is the color of strong feelings. That’s why a red rose symbolizes eternal love.

Best wishes on this Valentine’s Day! Brings to mind your hot date tonight! Don’t forget to put the red rose by their bed and whisper something romantic.

Roses represent passion and love, which are tremendously important to making people happy and remembering loved ones

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