happy valentines day funny gif

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Today is the day that love is celebrated. That’s why the heart has been a symbol for Valentine’s Day for centuries and still is today.

People once believed that all their feelings, such as love, luck, anger, fear, resided in their hearts. The shape of a heart was chosen because people thought it embodied the universal feeling of love and care for each other.

We wanted to share this little piece of history with you and wish you a truly wonderful day with your loved ones!

happy valentines day funny gif

A day that no matter how old we are or who we are with still fills us with excitement and anticipation.

As you prepare for the feast of love, here’s a fun fact: Did you know that the red rose is the symbol of passionate and intense feelings? In fact, it is the favorite flower of Venus, goddess of love!

The color red has long been associated with the strength of emotions.

So as you gather your thoughts and gifts to celebrate your loved one this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to add a beautiful red rose in your big surprise!

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