happy valentines day ecard

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Happy Valentines day ecard 💘 Best E-cards for a Memorable Valentine's Day Celebration!


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This Valentine’s Day, we are reminded of the symbol of love – a heart. Once upon a time, people believed that emotions such as love, luck, anger or fearters were within the heart. Later on it was thought that only love was stored in hearts.

So today, hearts have become associated with this deeper emotion as well as an enduring symbol of love. It is no surprise why people honor Valentine’s Day each year with this classic token and exchange it with their beloved ones.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday full of love and joy!

happy valentines day ecard

As Valentine’s Day approaches, let us take time to appreciate the symbolic meaning behind it. What could be more apt than the red rose? The much beloved flower of Venus, the goddess of love herself. It is no coincidence that we equate this with strong feelings as it is associated with the color red. It truly embodies what love is all about!

Let’s also keep in mind that any gesture, no matter how small, goes a long way in expressing your fondness and deep affection to those close to you today and every day.

In celebration of the day that stands for one of the purest expressions of our sentiments – Love, Wishing you all the best!

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